Geolocation devices

Geolocation devices

Geolocation devices

Trabalhamos para promover a terra que nos viu nascer e que acolhe os nossos clientes. Há uma paixão pela cultura escondida por entre as montanhas do Parque Nacional Peneda-Gerês, que pretendemos mostrar ao mundo, através de produtos tradicionais portugueses produzidos organicamente na região.

Pode encontrá-los na nossa loja no início da escadaria que vai dar ao Santuário ou encomendá-los através do nosso website, e ser-lhe-ão entregues à porta da sua casa pelos nossos parceiros.
We work to promote the land which has seen us raise Penedino and that welcomes our clientes and friends. There is a passion for a culture hidden in the mountains of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, which we intend to show the world, through traditional Portuguese products organically produced in the region.

You can find them in our shop at the beginning of the stairway that leads you to the Sanctuary or order them through our website, to receive them right at your front door.
Nous travaillons à promouvoir le pays qui nous a vu naître et qui accueille nos clients. Il existe une passion pour la culture cachée dans les montagnes du parc national Peneda-Gerês, que nous avons l'intention de montrer au monde entier, à travers des produits traditionnels portugais produits de manière biologique dans la région.

Vous pouvez les trouver dans notre magasin au début de l'escalier qui vous conduira au Sanctuaire ou les commander sur notre site Web. Ils seront livrés à votre porte.
Trabajamos para promover la tierra que nos ha visto nacer y que acoge a nuestros clientes. Hay una pasión por la cultura escondida entre las montañas del Parque Nacional de Peneda-Geres, tenemos la intención de mostrar al mundo a través de productos tradicionales portuguesas de producción ecológica en la región.

Puede encontrarlos en nuestra tienda al principio de la escalera que va a dar al Santuario o encargarlos a través de nuestro sitio web, y se le entregarán a la puerta de su casa.

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The mission of Penedino is to allow our clients to enjoy their time away from the noises of the city and to know nature in its natural state. The geolocation devices, will allow them to understand, where the animals of the region are - cows, goats, horses, sheep, etc. and follow them with our trails.

The breeders of the region and Digitanimal will be a fundamental part of this process.
Now, you can locate your cattle and have access to the path traveled by the animals.
Everything under your control, through the Phone, Tablet PC or PC.
Long-life battery
We offer up to 1 year of battery life so you do not have to worry about anything, in addition, we will send you a new one every year. No surprises
Increase productivity
Digitanimal helps you improve the profitability of your farm by reducing losses and increasing reproduction rate.
Always updated
We work with the best animal research centers to offer new functionalities.
Forget worries if an animal is not in the desired place or if its behavior is not appropriate, Digitanimal notifies you if something happens.
How does it work?
Digitaanimal geolocation device which is put in the animal’s neck, has na adjustable colar and different sensors capable of controlling the location of the animals 24 hours per day so that, in case of any problem, the user is automatically notified. The signals communicated from the colar allow the breeder to collect and analyse several elements, such as: the health of the animal, geographical position, movements, corporal temperature, notifications if the animal flees from the digital fence, etc.
Through the application of APP management, you have full control and observation of the main events related to your livestock, leaving you more time for other activities that you can develop. The APP application of Digitanimal allows:
Cattle management
Monitoring the reproductive period of animals and their offspring
Sanitary control and monitoring of livestock in the pasture area
Management of cattle pasture and fattening
Control and monitoring of animal welfare

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