How can I find out about Penedino's accommodation offerings?
You can get to know the whole offer of local accommodation, directly on the site, through the accommodation and institutional partners like the municipality of Arcos de Valdevez. Check the list of partners on the footer of our website's landing page.
What services are included in the Local Accommodation offer?
The accommodation offers the best conditions to take you back in time to a typical cottage, away from the city buzz, in Peneda - PNPG, equipped with modern day facilities, but in an environment and architecture that resembles the culture of its people of the Serra da Peneda. On arrival, guests will have at their disposal a "welcome basket" as recognition for choosing Penedino, which will include native products and food to use in your breakfast and other meals. You will have a regional product service to experience the flavors of the Serra da Peneda. Learn more at
Can I take pets with me?
Yes! We are true believers that the nature is for every living thing.
How much does it cost per domestic animal?
There is no additional charge for accompanying animals.
Walking Trails
Which are the trails and routes supported by Penedino?
Penedino recommends the trails and experiences associated to everyone who wants to enjoy the contact with nature in the heart of the Peneda - Gerês park. From the experienced mountaineers to all those who have the desire to venture into the pursuit of the unknown for the first time.

We are able to support every trail in the area of Peneda, but different ones may be added dependent on the season or special occasions.
Why Penedino?
Penedino intends to offer memorable experiences to its customers, developing activities in the unique space that is Serra da Peneda, Gerês and will prepare the programs in close connection with the interests and desires of its customers. By choosing Penedino, you will be assured of getting to know what PNPG has best, healthiest and wildest.
What kind of experiences do we offer?
Penedino is focused on local accommodation, native products, animal geolocation devices and planning of Hiking and Trekking in the park of Peneda - Gerês.
When are hiking programs available for purchase?
Penedino is active throughout the year. Clients can experience a whole range of activities that are developed throughout the year, adapting them to the climate of the season in which they are made, always in line with good practices and with the maximum safety of its stakeholders. Please check the Events Calendar.
I intend to do a group walk, but there is no planned in your agenda, what to do?
In addition to the scheduled activities, you can propose an activity in the dates of your preference. To do this, you just need to join a group of friends, family or co-workers, reach out, and we will tailor a personalized experience.
What are the guarantees of the services offered by Penedino?
Penedino is a young company, but its team has experienced people and a large smile in the eyes. We are a multidisciplinary team, we have training base of first aid and all activities and participants are covered by insurance.
In case of reservation, payment made and for instance, I can not participate in the selected date, will the amount be paid back?
The organization of such experiences requires the allocation of material and financial resources in the planning stage, so the credit paid is not possible to refund. However, because customers are very important to us, we give you the possibility of rescheduling a new or similar experience, without extra charges.
How can I be informed about the activities and calendar?
It's very simple. Following our website and follow our Facebook page, instagram and Linkedin or sign up to receive our newsletter.
I do not go hiking regularly. Is it risky to go hiking in the mountains of Peneda?
Penedino seeks to organize its activities for all people, without exclusions, even for those who are doing it for the first time. We can plan trails with different difficulty levels, for instance, level “1”, take place in 2/3 hours, which will give you a first pleasant and comfortable experience and can be a good test of your physical abilities. In this way, you will be able to evaluate the terrain, environment and spirit in which our activities are developed and in this way evaluate the hypothesis of evolving to a higher difficulty scale.
Are any special garments recommended?
Each activity will always be conditioned by the weather conditions at that time. Footwear and clothing should be tailored to the type of activity, duration and expected weather conditions. Learn more in this FAQ list.
Are any food and drinks recommended for the courses?
For each activity, will be recommended food and beverages for individual use.
What kind of clothing is recommended?
Clothing should provide comfort and safety. In general, the following are recommended:
  • Walking shoes should be waterproof according to the weather forecast and hiking socks made by material that provide air flow.
  • Comfortable pants. Avoid clothes close to your body. For rainy days, impermeable pants are recommended.
  • Gloves and scarf, alternatives, polar collar or scarf
  • Recommended clothing - 1st layer, breathable t-shirts; 2nd layer, polar or polar vest; 3rd layer, waterproof jacket or poncho
  • Clock, Flashlight and mobile phone
  • Backpack of 20 to 30lt
  • Set of walking sticks
What kind of clothing is recommended for trails that last longer than 1 day?
Clothing should be what provides comfort and safety. In general, the following are recommended:
  • Walking shoes should be waterproof if recommended by the weather forecast and hiking socks made of material that facilitates perspiration
  • Comfortable pants, avoid clothing just to the body. For days with weather forecast with rain, impermeable pants are recommended
  • Gloves and scarf, alternatives, polar collar or scarf
  • Recommended clothing - 1st layer, breathable t-shirts; 2nd layer, polar or polar vest; 3rd layer, waterproof jacket or poncho
  • Clock, Flashlight and mobile phone
  • Backpack of 20 to 30lt
  • Set of walking sticks
  • Compact tent
  • Rolling mattress
  • Bed bag
  • Cooker with compact gas cooker
  • Cookware, mug, cutlery
  • Cleaning Kit - Wet wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Survival kit (dressings, compresses, paracetamol or equivalent).
What kind of food is recommended for trails?
The power must be calculated for the duration of the trail(s). In general, the following are recommended:
  • Prepackaged soups
  • Prepackaged pasta
  • Fruit based on carbohydrates
  • Dry fruits
  • Energy bars
  • Chocolates
  • Tea
  • Sugar
  • Water
What are the difficulty levels for trails?
A alimentação deve ser calculada para a duração do trilho (s). Em geral, recomenda-se o seguinte: Sopas pré confecionadas de pacote Massas pré confecionadas de pacote Fruta à base de hidratos de carbono Frutos secos Barras cereais Chocolates Chá Açúcar Água
O que são níveis de dificuldade para trilhos?
The difficulty levels represent a scale of indicators that aim to facilitate the act of choosing a particular trail. It is important to note that such scale are merely indicative, subjective and should be only took as indicative. The choice of the most suitable trail, belongs exclusively to you and should be done in a conscious way, according to your physical abilities and psychological condition.

Difficulty level 1 - It is a low level of difficulty and is therefore accessible to everyone, including children over 8 and those who are accustomed to trekking. The route is carried out on mostly flat and low-lying terrain, without major physical difficulties. There may be some gaps and distances to go a little longer, but usually will be accessible to the vast majority of people.

Difficulty level 2 - It is a moderate level of difficulty, accessible to everyone, even if they do not have great physical preparation, are in good physical health and are accustomed to walking. The course has some steeper slopes and areas where the tread may be more difficult and rough. In some cases the distances to be travelled may be higher, but the technical difficulty will be moderate.

Difficulty level 3 - We recommend these walks to people with continuous experience in trekking, good physical condition and those who practice exercise on a regular basis. It takes physical stamina and strong will to overcome some of the more complicated points that may appear along the course. The course will have sharp gradients and may present increased technical difficulties. The distances to be travelled may be longer, the duration longer than 6 hours and the rate slightly accelerated.
Local products
Where can I buy and / or taste local products?
Penedino has a space for the exhibition and sale of local products, such as green wine, honey, regional confectionery, herbs and other genuine products. The location is the first house ever set in the region, meaning that, besides tasting the culture, you will also feel the history in the walls.
Can I book local accommodation and combine it with a tasting experience?
Yes, you can always request the kind of tasting experience. Be aware of our suggestions for each program. Learn more at our website
Can I buy and take it back to my home address?
Yes, you can buy and take it back with you to share with friends and family. You can also order via site, we will send by carrier to the address given in the act of purchase.
Electronic Animal Geolocation
What are animal geolocation devices for?
Animal geolocation devices can be used for guided animal tours in their natural pasture environment in the Peneda-Gerês mountain and can also be adopted by livestock breeders to improve monitoring and control of their animals.
How can I buy the devices?
You can buy directly at the Penedino store, or directly at
How does the electronic animal geolocation device work?
The Digitanimal GPS locator for cows, goats, horses and sheep collects and stores the device data on the server securely so that all the information of each animal is analyzed and the application sends automatic notifications to the cell phone or electronic mail (without additional cost) of the farmer when he detects any anomaly. For example: alert for temperature, location, low activity or hyperactivity, heating and delivery, weather warnings, etc.
How does it work with my smartphone?
Electronic solutions to suit your needs. We develop ultra compact solutions (from 22 g), with wide battery cycle, with different types of sensors (temperature, accelerometer, ...) using the most advanced technology for location (GPS, Galileo, Glonass), sends information data to our servers through the Internet of Things (IOT) network. The user with his Smartphone, accesses all the information collected from the animal.